About me
Born and brought up in the Cotswolds, my earliest experiences of storytelling were at my Grandad’s knee. Whilst studying for my MA in Scottish Ethnology at Edinburgh University, I was exposed to and inspired by some of the great Scottish storytelling tradition bearers. During my 18 years in the field I specialised in Adult Literacy, Family Learning and Youth and Children's work. Storytelling in these settings was utilised as a medium to promote literacies, Issue based work and more besides.

I am a founder member of the storytelling group BagaTelle and the charitable organisation Young Storytellers Scotland.

I live in Bonnyrigg, Midlothian with two dogs, a duck, two chickens, my son and an astrophysicist.

Young Storytellers Scotland

Recently I was awarded funding by Creative Arts Scotland (Traditional Arts) to host events across Edinburgh and the Lothians. This proved to be well received and we have been asked to repeat performances.


Lea and the moon

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